What is this Test Fest malarkey?

Test Fest is a community event for independent filmmakers in Adelaide. It’s a chance to meet people working in film in SA, share what you’ve been working on and see what everyone else has been up to. At our test screenings you can receive feedback on a project you’re working on. Or sign up for our c-stand relay, an elimination-style tournament where teams compete to set up c-stands the fastest.

Okay, but why?

Test Fest was born of a desire to create a space for local independent filmmakers to come together to support each other and develop their skills as creatives. It’s a celebration of community, it’s an opportunity to share knowledge, it’s a chance to have a couple bevs and grab a cheeky snag while you chat about making films with your mates.

What’s the ‘test’ part of the fest?

The ‘test’ refers to our test screenings. Test screenings offer an invaluable chance to get feedback on a project you’re working on. Maybe you have an experimental idea and you want to see if it works? Maybe you’re not sure if a particular scene is going to land with an audience? Or perhaps you’re gearing up to submit your short film to festivals but you want some feedback before you hit that submit button? Whatever it is, if you think you’d get something out of testing your work out on an audience of fellow filmmakers then consider submitting!

So my film doesn’t have to be finished for me to screen it at Test Fest?

Nope! There’s nothing stopping you from submitting a finished film, but we’re not requiring people to send in polished, finalised work. It doesn’t even have to be a complete film! You could even submit just scene or two of a feature project. We’re open to pretty much anything – what you submit depends on what you most want feedback on and what you think you’ll get out of sharing it.

Who’s going to this thing? Can I come?

Heck yeah, bud! Test Fest is for everyone. We’d love to have filmmakers of all experience levels coming along, whether you’re just starting out or whether you’ve been working in the industry for years. Having a diverse group of filmmakers makes our feedback sessions all the more valuable and allows everyone to meet new people and share ideas, knowledge and industry know-how.

However, Test Fest is an 18+ event. You must be 18 or older to attend.

What’s with the c-stand relay, though?

Making films requires a really broad skill set and being a filmmaker encompasses a lot of different things. Sometimes it’s about project management and leadership, sometimes it’s looking at a location and knowing where to point a camera to get the best shot, sometimes it’s being able to break a character down to their essence and find out what really drives them. And sometimes it’s about how fast you and three of your friends can set up four c-stands.

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